Perutusan YBhg. Walikota

First and foremost, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the visitors to the Kapit District Council (KDC) website.

 In line with the development of information and communication technology (ICT), which allows people to access information at their fingertips, wherever they may be, KDC too, also utilised the internet, as a communication channel, to interact with the internet users, who wish to obtain more information about Kapit.

 Thus, KDC is committed in providing a user-friendly website, as an integral part of its delivery system, inorder to provide services that are reliable, as well as efficient for the convenience of the general public.

 The general public can find the latest information on the various campaigns and other activities, that is being organised by the KDC though this website.  Apart from that, other programmes like sports, social, cultural and recreational are also posted through this website.

 In addition, visitors can also obtain pertinent information such as the list of KDC Council Members, corporate information, information on the departments in KDC, the development in Kapit and the new services provided by the Council.

 The general public are advise to use the Talikhidmat if they wish to channel their complaints and provide suggestions to KDC with respect to KDC’s service delivery system.  The inputs from the general public, in the Talikhimat, will be channelled automatically to the relevant agency, whereby the KDC authorised officers, will then handle and access this Talikhidmat accordingly.

 The constructive feedback by the general public will be used by KDC, to further improve and enhanced its services, especially with respect to its service delivery system.

 I hope this website can be useful for the general public to keep abreast with the happenings in Kapit.

 The provision of info about Kapit in the website is in line with the KDC’s continuous effort to improved and enhance its delivery system from time to time for the convenience of the general public.

 KDC will continue to strive to be more proactive in planning more developments in future for the betterment of Kapit and with the synergy and a greater cooperation for all parties, these continuous efforts will be more successful in near future.

 The continuous support by all parties are greatly appreciated by KDC.

 The success of KDC is also the success of Kapit, thus, KDC will continue to strive further towards a greater growth and with greater effectiveness that included, but not limited to providing a better service to customers.  This in some ways will also help KDC to play a better roles as one of the economic generator towards the State revenue.  The cascading impact, indirectly will also help to contribute towards the Kapit’s economic development.

 Together we strive to develop Kapit to become a Cleaner, Greener, Safer and Healthier place to live in.

 Thank you.