Kubu Sylvia Kuil Hock Leong Tieng Kapit

Kuil Hock Leong Tieng Kapit

Located at the centre of the town overlooking the mighty Rejang River, besides the Teresang Market and behind is the sole Chinese primary school in Kapit district, strategically it is a feng shui place to bring abundance and more prosperity to Kapit.

Based on the history of the temple, it dates back to the year 1898 when it was built by the early Chinese settlers in Kapit, marking its 116 years of existence this year and hence, one of the oldest heritage buildings in the division.

When fire broke out in Kapit in 1940s, the temple was spared from the fire. The Japanese and Royal British Army bombings during the 2nd world war miraculously left the temple untouched.

The building materials used for the construction of the temple were shipped all the way from mainland China, a journey that took months in the early days. The construction of the temple was carried out by expert workers from China too.

The management of the temple committee is headed by one of Chinese community leaders in Kapit, Kapitan Yong Thu Fook. It became the popular tourist attraction in Kapit.