Community leader wants road block at Song to screen visitors to Song, Kapit
Tarikh : 21 Oct 2020  Sumber Berita: THe Borneo Post Online


Temenggong Tan Kian Hoo

KAPIT: Chinese Community leader Temenggong Tan Kian Hoo appeals to the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee to set up a road block at Song to screen every visitor coming to Song and Kapit in view of the alarming spike in Covid-19 cases.

He said the increase of cases after the recent Sabah state election from single to double digit and triple digit the past one week had caused alarm and fear among the people here, triggering the call from the locals to the government to take all necessary measures to prevent the virus from spreading to Kapit and Song.

Tan also informed that he had received numerous calls from the general public expressing their fear of the large number of visitors to Kapit every day since the road link was opened on Oct 4.

“Since the Kapit-Song-Kanowit road opened to the public on Oct 4, every day hundreds of vehicles and visitors have been coming to Kapit. They roam around and visit the markets, eateries and hotels.

“Also industrious hawkers from outside bring their products to sell here. This is a cause for worry amidst the sharp increase in Covid-19 cases reported daily. Our main concern is that there is no guarantee that visitors are all healthy and free from virus infection,” he said.

However, he thanked the Kapit Division Disaster Management Committee for doing very well during the Movement Control Order to set up a road block at the entry point to Song and Kapit to check on all travellers.

“We are lucky Kapit is a Covid-19 green zone till today because of the very strict measures taken by the authorities. Now is the time to reinforce such stringent measures for the sake of the local people. For the sake of the people, please set up the road block,” he pleaded.

Adding more fear to the spread of Covid-19, he said, is that almost 80 per cent of longhouses in Kapit share a common veranda and roof.

“We just cannot afford to have any Covid case here,” Tan added.