DO: SDMC ops room on active alert as flash floods hit Kapit
Tarikh : 08 Sep 2020  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post Online

Cerisologo (centre) hands over the aid to one of the flood victims in Kampung Baru.

KAPIT: The district’s State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has been on active alert since Sunday, following continuous downpour the past several weeks triggered flash floods hitting schools, residential area and roads linking many longhouses here.

The floods appeared to subside slightly during the hours before sunrise yesterday, but the SDMC Kapit team continued to monitor the situation.

Yesterday morning, Kapit District officer Cerisologo Sabut – also the chairman of SDMC Kapit – presided over a meeting involving representatives of Kapit District Office, the district police, Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba), Civil Defence Force, Welfare Department, and also local community leaders, to strategise the course of action to be taken.

Later, they inspected the flooded areas and met victims who received immediate food assistance from the SDMC team.

“We immediately activated the operations room at Kapit District Office to coordinate with the relevant authorities regarding the course of action to tackle the issues arising from the flash floods.

“There have been heavy rainfall over the past weeks, contributing to rising water level in Rajang River and its tributaries, namely the Baleh, Katibas and Pelagus rivers.

“This, in turn, has triggered flash floods in the low-lying areas.

Moreover, the flash floods also hit some parts of Song, Ngemah and Kanowit.

“However, we do notice that the floods subside just as fast as they strike,” said Cerisologo.

According to him, the SDMC team is now on the ground monitoring and inspecting the situation, and also to deliver immediate food aid to the victims.

Cerisologo advised those living in low-lying areas to be alert always, especially regarding the whereabouts of little children.

“Always watch over the children and never let them play in the flood, since the currents are very strong.

“For those who are using river transportation, they must exercise extra precautions including checking that the boats are in good condition and equipped with life jackets and emergency kits,” he pointed out.

Cerisologo also advised all residents to call the operations rooms on 084-796 322 should
they need assistance or for enquiries.

The district officer was accompanied by his administrative officer Robert Anyaw, Bomba Kapit officer ErwandyTugor, APM Kapit officer Capt Mohd Hafiz, Kapit police officer ASP Fauzan Kassim, as well as local community leaders Temenggong Wasli Nor and Pemanca Abang Hamzah Bolhassan during the inspection on the affected areas – Kampung Baru, Kampung Muhibbah Bletih at Nanga Sungai Kapit, Jalan Hubung Rumah Panjang along Sungai Sesibau, Bletih Jetty, Rumah Temuai, some parts of SK Nanga Kain, SK Lepong Baleh, SK Temenggong Koh at Baleh River, and SK Nanga Kebiau.