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KDC Walikota Speech - 2nd Qtr. Full Council Meeting
Tarikh : 21 May 2020

21.5.2020: KDC Walikota speech - 2nd. Qtr. Full Councillors Meeting

A very good morning, and welcome to our 2nd. Qtr. Full Council Meeting using "Zoom", as a communication channel, to conduct our meeting. The Council is entering a new era now, i.e. through a modern technology, it is now able to held a meeting,
via virtual means.

Thank you very much to all,  namely, Timbalan Walikota, Secretary, all the Councillors, the Section Heads, Staff members, and our minute writer, who are able to find your time, to accomodate yourself, to participate, in our meeting this morning.

To start our meeting today, I would like to share this note:
"The pandemic crisis has unveiled a new era, in our day to day, work routine.  Business as usual, is no longer the norm. Now, business, is unusual, and it looks to stay, for quite a while".

The coronavirus pandemic, was indeed a wake-up call, to Kapit District Council (KDC), and thus, it is utmost importance, that we are united in responding to the crisis.

The Covid-19, was also the greatest challenge, to be faced by KDC, and it had demonstrated, how fragile and vulnerable, we were, as we, being the front line implementation agency, for the govt, did try our very best, within our limited means, by adhering to the guidelines and regulations, being given, by the relevant authority, in helping, to tackle, the pandemic crisis.

The crisis is an opportunity, for KDC, to rebuild, and to transform itself towards a better organization, and the question is, whether we are up to it.

Despite great scientific and technological advances in recent decades, the virus had brought even the 1st world country, like the US, to its knees. Thus, what more, a small organization, like KDC, could do, to handle the crisis.

However, on the hindsight, the pandemic had exposed, the frailities, not just in the State's health system, but also, in how, a smaller organization like KDC, being the govt's front line  implemention agency, in exhausting, and optimizing its limited resources, inorder to combat, the pandemic crisis.

Covid-19, is a wake-up call for KDC, and because of this pandemic crisis, we could see the solidarity, and the unity, being displayed, in our response to the Covid-19 crisis.

KDC has response fast  and had followed the MCO and the CMCO guidelines, that was given by the relevant agencies, to curb the covid-19 from spreading further. The key objective, was to break the chain.

The impact might be more devastating, i.e. if we had not response fast and adhered to, the precautionary measures being taken, to address the pandemic crisis.

Thankfully, the State govt had also response fast with relevant policies, to help address the socio-economic impact, caused by the crisis. The objective is, to control the spread of the virus, so that the economic recovery, could be back to normal fast. The recovery rate from the crisis therefore, must lead to a more equal, and a more sustainnable, economy.

From KDC's perspective, the crisis was an opportunity, for its workforce, to rebuild differently, and to chart its journey, towards a transformation, to become a  better organization.

For KDC, the recovery period might take a bit longer, and business is also no longer as usual. Thus, being the implementation agency for the govt, we need to embrace change, and to come up with new policies, inorder to have a stronger and sustainnable safety nets, that can be used, to overcome and to safeguard, the area under KDC's jurisdiction, from whatever pandemic crisis.

Today, in our meeting, we need to revisit, not only all the projects under KDC, but also, to look at the key challenges, namely, the outstanding assessment rates, and to come up with ideas, with respect to the recovery plans, that can be adopted, and to be used, inorder to minimize the impact, due to the prolong pandemic crisis.

Our outreach community programmes also needs to be revamped and to be done differently. Thus, new ideas are needed, so that we can still carried out our community projects efectively, fit for the purpose, and in line with the ministry's directive during this pandemic crisis.

Last but not least, eventhough Kapit has been a Green Zone for quite a while, but people still fear the Covid-19. Thus, we must continue to reinforce our messages, about the need to wear the face masks, social distancing, and hand washing, inorder to combat the virus.

The Control Movement Order (CMO) and Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), have also proven to work, and have brought in social discipline, to our culture.

KDC's success in helping to maintain Kapit district, as a Green Zone area, has been attributed to the unity and the commitment among the staff working as a team, together with the rest of the front liners, as well as the cooperation from the general public, in complying, and in adherence to the precautionary measures, being carried out, to curb the pandemic crisis.  

However now, eventhough, the restrictions might not be as tight as before, but, please do not be complacent, because the fight against the pandemic virus ain't over yet. Therefore, please do continue, to ensure that the general public, continues to comply, and to abide with the precautionary measures being imposed, to help to combat the pandemic virus, so that, Kapit will continue to remain, being a green zone.

This crisis experience, has been very hard and bitter for KDC, however, we have learned that, unity is utmost importance, when it comes to fighting a common caused, like the Covid-19 virus, and thankfully, we were able to come out, better and wiser.

Stay safe, stay vigilant and be safe, at all times.