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All express boat and speedboat services in Sarawak suspended
Tarikh : 23 Mar 2020  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post Online

SIBU: All express boat and speedboat operations across the state are suspended until further notice starting Monday (March 23).

But Sarawak Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin assured that for emergency purposes, boats would be made available.

"A notice has been issued with the phone numbers displayed at all express boat terminals to enable the people to make calls in case of emergency cases.

"Together with the Sarawak Rivers Board, we will monitor the situation from time to time and the development of water transport services during the movement control order period," he said.

Lee called upon river transport operators and river transport users to give their full support and cooperation to the government to curb the spread of Covid-19.

He said the suspension of temporary operations also include short distance river routes throughout the state.

Express boats (including shuttles) suspended from Monday are:

1. Kuching-Tanjung Manis-Sarikei-Sibu

2. Sibu-Song-Kapit

3. Sibu-Putai-Sibu

4. Sibu-Song-Kapit-Bawai

5. Sibu-Song-Ng Yong

6. Sibu-Semop-Sibu

7. Sibu-Passin-Sibu

8. Sibu-Mupong-Sibu

9. Sibu-Penasu-Saai-Semop-Bruit

10. Sibu-Igan-Dalat

11. Sibu-Daro-Sibu

12. Kapit-Ng Merit-Kapit

13. Kapit-Belaga-Kapit

14. Kapit-Putai-Kapit

15. Kapit-Bawai-Kapit

16. Kapit-Ng Ibau-Kapit

17. Kapit-Ng Gaat-Kapit

18. Kapit-Pelagus-Kapit

19. Sarikei-Tanjung Manis-Sarikei

20. Sarikei-Paloh-Sarikei

21. Tatau-Kakus-Tatau

22. Lawas-Labuan-Lawas

23. Limbang-Labuan-Limbang

24. Marudi-Tinjar-Marudi

Speedboats suspended are:

1. Sarikei-Tanjung Manis-Sarikei

2. Sarikei-Semop-Daro-Bruit

3. Sibu-Dalat-Sibu

4. Sibu-Semop-Daro-Bruit