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Manage devt projects well, comply with specs, contractors reminded
Tarikh : 20 Aug 2019

(Front, from left) Watson and Jabang accompany Lating during the inspection on Kapit Bazaar multi-storey carpark project site.

KAPIT: The contractors of various development projects here must uphold good management, deep sense of belonging and ownership of the work output in their working culture.

Kapit District Council (KDC) Walikota Lating Minggang also reminds to the contractors to always comply with the agreed project specifications and recovery plans, as well as to ensure that all works would reach completion according to schedule.

“All these major projects are currently ongoing, (and upon completion, they) are going to bring major impact and changes to the physical landscape of Kapit.

“Among these key projects are the Kapit Waterfront, Kapit Town Square, Kapit Bazaar multi-storey carpark and the beautification of Kapit Lily Pond. Upon completion these new landmarks, without any doubt, will also become the legacy icons of Kapit,” he said when met during one of KDC’s project site inspections recently.

Lating also stressed about the importance of safety in the workplace as far as the proje

“Safety is everybody’s business. The objective is for the contractors to reach ‘Zero LTI’ (Lost Time Injury) target. The contractors must practise the safety work culture – start the working day with a short ‘toolbox safety briefing’, and end it with good housekeeping.”

On the multi-storey carpark project, Lating informed the contractor about the need to complete the works within the stipulated period, so that the traffic congestion in the town’s central area could be minimised.

The KDC team, led by Lating, had been carrying out progress meetings with the contractors and the project management teams over the past week.

The objectives of these series of meetings were to obtain updates regarding the works, to identify problems on the ground, and to ensure that the ongoing projects would reach completion within the stipulated schedule and budget.

Deputy Walikota Watson Awan and KDC secretary Jabang Juntan were among those accompanying Lating during the meetings and site visits.