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Still many stray dogs around despite preventive efforts
Tarikh : 09 Nov 2018  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

Stray dogs at the Old Airport are causing concern among the public.

KAPIT: Despite the various preventive measures taken recently to stop the spread of rabies in Kapit, there are still many stray dogs around Kapit town and the residential estates.

Stray dogs are frequently seen at Bazaar Baru roundabout and in front of Wisma Ngieng Ping Dou (Bank Rakyat Bhd), Old Airport, Jalan Airport, Taman Siew Gin and Bletih bazaar.

A member of the public said there were many stray dogs at the Old Airport searching for food, making customers at the night market there feeling uneasy.

He hoped that the relevant authority will conduct a ‘search and destroy’ operation to get rid of those stray dogs to prevent the spread of rabies.

Up to date, the Veterinary Department had conducted two rounds of rabies vaccination here and the local health authority had also carried out an operation to get rid of the stray dogs.

But due to their large number, many are still wondering around.

Kapit was declared a rabies infected area following the results of samples taken from six dogs recently which all tested positive for rabies.

Two of the samples were from the Old Airport, two from Kapit Town and also two from Bletih bazaar.

A reliable source claimed that some dog owners, upon hearing of the spread of rabies here, decided to abandon their dogs at Kapit town because they did not want to destroy the animals themselves.