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Kemaskini Pada: 12 Dis 2018
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Jamit requests UTC for Kapit
Tarikh : 14 Nov 2017  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

KUCHING: The government is asked to consider setting up an Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) in Kapit town for the convenience of the community there.

Jefferson Jamit Unyat (BN-Bukit Goram), who expressed this wish yesterday, said the UTC would serve as a one-stop centre for the people of Kapit to make transactions with government agencies and utility bodies, which would save them time and money.

He made these remarks when delivering his debate speech on state Budget 2018 in the august House.

At the same time, he welcomed the allocation of RM1 billion by Putrajaya for upgrading and repairing dilapidated schools in the state.

“Most if not all schools in Bukit Goram are in a dilapidated state that need upgrading, refurbishing and repair. Hence, it is my hope that those schools in my constituency will be given a fair share of the allocation.”

On a related matter, he said Kapit presently had one football field which was located at a mini stadium in Jalan Airport that catered for the various sports activities in the district.

He felt that the mini stadium could no longer meet the increasing needs of sports-related activities carried out by schools, local clubs and associations.

Thus, he requested the government to build a new mini stadium cum football field complete with a running track.

Continuing his debate further, Jamit pointed out that there is dire need to upgrade Kapit Hospital in view of the increasing population.

He said the hospital is in need of a new clinical block for pharmacy, haemodialysis, specialist clinic, operation theatre, paediatric ward, male ward, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and store.

“Besides, the hospital also needs new quarters and barracks to cater for the accommodation of staff. More haemodialysis machines are also needed for the treatment of kidney patients in Kapit,” he added.

He noted that the chief minister had set aside RM232 million for the construction of affordable homes for the lower income group.

“It is my wish that more affordable houses can be built in Bukit Goram. I’m glad that Kpg Kapit Baru Redevelopment Project, the R.C Riverwall at Kapit and access road to Baleh Dam have been included in Budget 2018,” he said.